The Center Nova is the position held by the member of AKB0048 considered to be the star of the group, with that extra special idol spark that makes them stand out from the rest. There is a special wall in the dormitories of the AKB0048 house where the past Centers all have a photo. All the centers have graduated, however, they graduate by disappearing, or running away (such as in Minami Minegishi the 5th's case). No one knows their whereabouts after they all graduated. The Center Nova is also called the Position 0, and there is a special part of the stage for them.

Up until the departure of Acchan, the group always had a Center. As Yuuko explains to Nagisa and Chieri, on their day off, the position was retired after Acchan's departure due to the rampant rumors that flew fast after Acchan disappeared. Yuuko also explains that the Center Nova position was retired once Mariko Shinoda the 7th graduated and joined the administration. This occurred after Acchan's disappearance.

It was later revealed in episode 12 (Next Stage) that the idols are warped to a theatre where they perform and create the songs that are then sung by the members of the AKB0048. However, for those who did not acquire the true Center Nova spirit are stuck in a state of limbo; unable to return and unable to ascend to the top.

Known AKB0048 Members Who Held Center Nova (Ordered from Earliest to Latest)

  • Minami Minegishi(Mii-chan) the 5th - In Episode 5, Yuuko says she has been sighted on another planet, Atamistar, and is later found on Atamistar taking gravure pictures for AKB0048.
  • Atsuko Maeda (Acchan) the 13th
  • Chieri Sono - Despite not being a successor, she becomes Center Nova in the last episode of the series.