The Deep Galaxy Trade Organization (深銀河貿易機構) are the major antagonists of AKB0048. They control planets such as SaharastarLancastarItezastar and Tundrastar who uses the Destroy Entertainment Soldiers  (DES) to enforce their entertainment ban and their rule in the galaxy with an iron fist under totalitarian dictatorship.


During the discovery of FTL technology and the subsequent discovery of Dualium and Kirara, the DGTO fought a war on Earth with supporters of the Kirara Drive which had left the planet completely devastated and countless other planets' surface destroyed by orbital bombardment.

Society and CultureEdit

DGTO society is seen as both industrial and corporate, shunning the old values of entertainment and culture in the name of progress. They have become a brutal corporate oligarchy which enforces the ban with various degrees of severity. Places with Dualium rich deposits have harsher bans since they attract Kirara while planets with less Kirara deposits are less harshly enforced. The colonization efforts also have a detirimental effect on the planets as they often conduct massive strip mining efforts and heavy industry to construct their empire.

The Entertainment Ban is enforced by the Destroy Entertainment Soldiers, consisting of a mix of armor, assault suits and power armored infantry supplied by the corporate oligarchy. The maximum sentence for defying the ban is 48 years in prison.

One of the major supporters of the DES and the DGTO is the Zodiac Corporation.

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