(デュアリウム, Deyuariumu) is a substance that is use for space travel. This substance is incredibly rare, and large amounts of it will only yield trace amounts.

It was discovered at the dawn of the 21st century in particle accelerator experiments, and allowed humanity to begin developing hyperspace technology. With the development of interstellar travel, the colonization of other planets became possible.

Sometime after the discovery of Dualium, people tried to take over this substance, which lead to an interstellar war that would cause the destruction of Earth. The Deep Galaxy Trade Organisation (D.G.T.O.) was formed in the wake of the war and they control a virtual monopoly over the contested resources and has formed the DES Corps to enforce the Entertainment Ban to prevent the creation of Kirara, which serves as the basis of the Kirara drive, a clean and efficient form of FTL energy.

So far, Dualium can be found only on Lancastar. It is hinted that Dualium may be responsible for the disapearance of Center Novae, including Atsuko Maeda 13th and Yuuko Ooshima.

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