Episode 13 - NO NAME...
Episode 13
Episode 13 Image
Episode Information
Kanji NO NAME...
Romaji NO NAME...
English NO NAME...
Length 23:45 (Sub)
26:49 (Dub)
Opening N/A
Ending Kono Namida wo Kimi ni Sasagu
Air Date
Japanese March 30, 2013
Episode Guide
Episode 12 - The Road to the Stage
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NO NAME... is the 13th and the last episode of AKB0048 next stage anime series. It airs on March 30, 2013.


The understudies decide to perform. During their performance, Yuuko appears, after that, Nagisa has become Atsuko Maeda. When DES attacks, Chieri stops one of them and shows everyone that they also have kind hearts and becomes Center Nova. When a DES battleship attempts to stop them, everyone combines their feelings to get peace returning to Akibastar. After the battle they announced Nagisa as Atsuko Maeda the 14th and Chieri as the new Center Nova.


Character in Order of AppearanceEdit



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