Furea Hoshina
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Japanese Name 星名 ふれあ
Romanized Name Hoshina Furea
English Name Furea Hoshina
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
First Appearance
Debut Volume 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Unknown
English Voice Unknown

Furea Hoshina is a main character of AKB0048's spin-off manga AKB0048 Episode 0 and the 12th Atsuko Maeda.It can be assumed that Atsuko Katagiri is the successor to her name. and she is very bright and she knows how to be beautiful inside and out. She used to be good friends with Noa, because after she got chosen to be Atsuko Maeda, they became more distant.


Furea has red hair, cut like the original Acchan, she also has red eyes.


Much like Nagisa Motomiya, Furea has no built of self-confidence and chose not to believe in herself, instead opting to support her friend, Noa; who everyone strongly thought of would be the succeed the next generation of Acchan. 


Furea, a girl whose childhood friend was Noa, had always admired Acchan. Later on in life, she joins the Akb0048 academy, where students train and learn to hopefully become successors. Furea, a clumsy girl, contains vast knowledge about AKB48 however, she fails to express it due to her clumsiness and nervousness. Whilist Noa, her childhood friend, that excels in not only knowledge but apperance wise and is much more experienced in dancing; has always encouraged Furea.

After seeing a live of the successors, Noa states "I know it will be hard but i've already decided that someday I will become Acchan". Acchan is the centre of AKB0048. Soon after, it was the practice session. Furea, off beat, realised how bad she was at dancing. Chairman Tomisaki intrudes the lesson. He announces that in 2 weeks the succession auditions will be held. The chairman notices Noa and has heard alot about her, already earning herself on his list of favourites. After so, the chairman instructs Furea to take down old posters and put new audition flyers in the school grounds.

Collecting too much of the old posters, Furea almost falls but just in time the successor Takamina resuces her. She then meets Yuuko, they both thank Furea for collecting the posters in their stead. So they take her to the elevator used exclusively and only for the selected class and walk into a nearby room. This is where Furea meets the selected members. Tomochin asks for Furea's name, thus leaving Furea introducing herself, nervously. Takamina then claims "Totally a name for a new singer and Furea is going to be a member of 0048 for sure!" Furea, lacking confidence said, "I...Will never shine like all of you or like anyone at all really. 0048 is not a place Yuuko, mad tells her: "Somebody who talks like so...Has got to learn how to shine!" "Everyone is born with a star inside of them but nobody started in 0048 with a shinning star." Everyone than says: "As long as you remember that, you can be the best!" 

Furea encouraged, and had boosted with confidence, thanked the successors. And finally she could get on the beat. She vowed with Noa to her best in the auditions. And so, the day of the audition has finally arrived. When the music starts, Noa immediately stands out. The chairman thoughts of Noa are: "...That one is a rare bloosom." Furea sees how energetic Noa is, and too trys. When she spun in sync with all dancers, she gladly smiles. Leaving the chairman shocked. Soon a creature believed to be a kirara, shines, blinding Furea's eyes. She then knocks into Noa and the whole group. Noa, angry, tells Furea: "Furea you knew I was going to be elected, didn't you? Thats why you got in the way, right?" Noa then glared at Furea in tears, leaving Furea speechless. And then shouting "FUREA I HATE YOU!" Furea losing her confidence, tells herself: "I'm done, even if I become a star, i'm a star that will never shine.

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