Hikari Kimishima

Oshima Yuuko 9th

Japanese Name 君島光 (きみしま ひかり)
Romanized Name Kimishima Hikari
English Name Hikari Kimishima
Age 18
Birthday July 27th
Height 155 cm
Homeworld Nikkoustar
First Appearance
Debut Episode 01 - The Indelible Dream
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Akemi Kanda
English Voice Tiffany Terrell

Hikari Kimishima  is one of the current members of the group AKB0048. On Akibastar, she is known as Yuuko Oshima the 9th (大島優子 (おおしま ゆうこ)), also known as Yuuko (ゆうこ).


Yuuko has short, brownish orange hair and side ponytail with three braids going across her ponytail and has brownish orange eyes. Like all members of AKB0048, She has a heart-shaped lining on her hair and eyes.


Yuuko has an energetic, outgoing, upbeat, and mischevious personality. However, when she needs to be, she can be very serious and determined. She always tries her best to receive the Center Position.  She always tries to cover up her frustration and anger.



  • Her name Hikari means light.
  • There was a girl who was the 8th Yuuko Oshima for at least 3 years before Hikari succeeded the name.
  • It is revealed that she ranked 2nd in the early results of the General Elections. However, in episode 4, at the General Elections with the final results, she ranked 1st.
  • She and Chieri both have a similar fringe.
  • She likes peppers.
  • Since she is from the 72nd Generation, she became an understudy when she was 13 years old.
  • In episode 12, it is revealed that even though she met the conditions to initiate her as a Center Nova, but she never fully obtained Center Nova because she did not disappear like one as concluded by Tsubasa and Mii-chan.
  • She and Kojiharu are from the same generation, however, Yuuko became a successor first.

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