Kanata Shinonome

75th Generation Undertudie

Japanese Name 東雲彼方 (しののめ かなた)
Romanized Name Shinonome Kanata
English Name Kanata Shinonome
Age 15
Birthday October 17th
Height 157 cm
Homeworld Saharastar
First Appearance
Debut Episode 04 - Your Efforts Aren't in Vain
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Mayu Watanabe
English Voice Emily Neves

Kanata Shinonome is one of the main characters in the AKB0048 series and the older sister of Sonata Shinonome . Along with her sister, she is also one of the AKB0048's trainees. She is also the main protagonist in AKB0048: Heart Type Operation.


Kanata has shoulder-length red hair tied up into a small ponytail at the back with an orange ribbon. She also has orange eyes. Like all the AKB0048's trainees and successors, she has a heart-shaped lining in her hair and eyes


The official AKB0048 website describes her as "Serious and hardheaded. She is Sonata Shinonome's older sister."




  • She is a huge fan of Takamina. In Episode 4, she cries at the end of Takamina's speech and declares that she will always be her guiding star.
  • In episode 4, after Mimori gives her speech and declaring her promise still stands to Kanata, Kanata says "Mimori from above," which possibly hints that Mimori would become the successor of Shinoda Mariko. This is because of the song Ue Kara Mariko, which means Mariko from Above. Kanata says, "Ue kara Mimori," which means Mimori from above. In episoded 7, it is revealed that Mimori indeed becomes Shinoda Mariko the 8th.
  • In episode 7, while talking to Takamina, Kanata reveals she also had the same fever as Mimori sometime before. It is highly likely that occurred during the time when Kanata was chosen to become the successor of Takahashi Minami.
  • Her seiyuu, Haruka Ishida, also voices Mamoru.

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