Makoto Yokomizo

77th Generation

Japanese Name 横溝真琴 (よこみぞ まこと)
Romanized Name Yokomizo Makoto
English Name Makoto Yokomizo
Age 16
Birthday July 30th
Height 161 cm
Homeworld Naniwastar
First Appearance
Debut Episode 02 - The Chosen Lights
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Mao Mita
English Voice Molly Searcy

Makoto Yokomizo is one of the main characters in the AKB0048 anime. She is also one of the AKB0048's trainees.


Makoto has blue-gray, short hair tied into a side ponytail with a pink ribbon and blue eyes. Like all the AKB0048's trainees, she has a heart-shaped lining in her hair and eyes.


Although excited to be able to try out for AKB0048 , Makoto is extremely nervous and anxious, often prone to outbursts where she negatively compares herself to the other girls. For example, when she compares herself to the other girls physically as she is insecure about her small chest and her waist. Sonata calls her 'Grumbly' because of this negativity.



  • Sonata calls her "Grumbly" because of her sighs and negative thinking. Sonata, however, by the end of episode 5, upgrades her nickname to "Grumblator".
  • She is the oldest of the 77th Generation members.
  • Higashino calls her "Makocchi".
  • She ran away from home to attend the auditions of 0048.
  • Her first name, Makoto means True while her last name,Yokomizo means 'Transverse Groove'.

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