Megumi Wanibuchi

76th Generation Understudie

Japanese Name 鰐淵恵 (わにぶちめぐみ)
Romanized Name Sono Chieri
English Name Megumi Wanibuchi
Age 14
Birthday August 25
Height 158cm
Homeworld Unkown
First Appearance
Debut Episode 07 - Kirara of Succession
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Momoka Kinoshita
English Voice Meaghan Avocado

Megumi Wanibuchi (鰐淵恵), also known as Megu (めぐ) is one of the understudies of AKB0048 . She is from the 76th Generation, like Hazuki Yanagikawa, Mizuho Shirai, Himeko IchiokaUmi Dozima, Rie Hasumi, Akira Shirado, and as well as Sae Miyazawa


Megumi has brown hair with pigtails tied up with orange hairbands and brown eyes. Like all of AKB0048's successors and trainees, she has a heart shaped lining in her hair and eyes.


She often believes it is unfair because the 77th generation is more successful, indicating that she suffers from an inferiority complex. She's also jealous of the success of the 77th Generation and her former 76th Generation teammate, Youko but does not resent her, rather is happy for her success later on.



  • She is called "Megu" by Sae and Hazuki.
  • In episode 3, she reveals that she voted for Sae, however, members are not supposed to vote for each other.
    • She unknowingly gives a standing ovation for Sae when she ranked 9th at the General Elections until Hazuki points it out to her does she then sits back down embarrassed.
  • Her seiyuu is Kinoshita Momoka, a member of NMB48's Team M.  

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