Nagisa Motomiya

Maeda Atsuko 14th

Japanese Name 本宮凪沙(もとみや なぎさ)
Romanized Name Motomiya Nagisa
English Name Nagisa Motomiya
Age 13
Birthday January 24
Height 156 cm
Homeworld Lancastar
First Appearance
Debut Episode 01 - The Indelible Dream
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Karen Iwata
English Voice Luci Christian

Nagisa Motomiya is one of the main characters in the AKB0048 series. She is also one of the AKB0048's trainees.


Nagisa has short strawberry red hair with a green ribbon tied into it and reddish pink eyes. She has a heart-shaped lining in her hair and eyes.


Nagisa is a girl who lacks a certain amount of faith in herself and desires to change herself. In addition to being a huge fan, she sees the opportunity to join AKB0048 as a way to reinvent herself. Despite her lack of faith, she cares deeply for her friends and will not hesitate to help them.



  • She looks very similar to the original Maeda Atsuko
  • Similar to the original Acchan, Nagisa likes to eat tomatoes.
  • She is a big fan of Yuuko Ooshima.
  • According to Yuuko, her radiance combined with Chieri's could rival that of the last Acchan.
  • Her name, Nagisa can mean 'seaside' or 'beach'.
  • In episode 9, she confesses her desire to become a Center Nova and save Yuuko and the others.
  • In episode 13, Nagisa becomes Atsuko Maeda the 14th during the concert to take back Akibastar. She is the first from the 77th Generation to become a successor.
  • In  Episode 13, anything that Nagisa says towards people of Akibastar are quite similar to the original Acchan's speech in the 3rd AKB48 General Election when she became a Center for Senbatsu. The original Acchan said "Even if you all (the AKB fans) hate me (Acchan), please don't hate AKB", whereas Nagisa said "Even if you all (people of Akibastar) hate us (AKB0048), but please don't hate song and entertainment."

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