Orine Aida

77th Generation Understudie

Japanese Name 園智恵理 (その ちえり)
Romanized Name Aida Orine
English Name Orine Aida
Age 13
Birthday Spetember 9th
Height 153 cm
Homeworld Lancastar
First Appearance
Debut Episode 01 - The Indelible Dream
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Sayaka Nakaya
English Voice Brittney Karbowski

Orine Aida is one of the main characters in the AKB0048 series. She is also one of the AKB0048's trainees.


Orine has long, pink hair and soft pink eyes. Like all the AKB0048's trainees, she has a heart-shaped lining in her hair and eyes.


Orine is very bright and cheery, despite the tragedy that has occurred within her life. She loves to work with machines, and is a bit heartbroken when she leaves Lancaster and the machines she loves at the factory. She is the most softspoken of the 77th Generation.



  • Orine wants to succeed Sashiko's name.
  • She was the one who gave Mofufu his name.
  • Mofufu sees her as a second mother.
  • The Funghi gave her a Dualium crystal as a gift of appreciation, thanks, and friendship.
  • She is the only understudy revealed to have a known hater.

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