AKB0048 Staff

Japanese Name 牛山 (うしやま)
Romanized Name Ushiyama
English Name Ushiyama
Age Unkown
Birthday Unkown
Height Unkown
Homeworld Akibastar
First Appearance
Debut Episode 04 - Your Efforts Aren't in Vain
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Daisuke Ono
English Voice Illich Guardiola

Ushiyama is a person who is affiliated with AKB0048 . He is also the dance teacher and choregrapher for AKB0048 and its understudies. Ushiyama likes to cross-dress and act like a woman.


Ushiyama has long indigo hair which he wears down during rehearsals, and ties up when off duty. His eyes are dark pink. He has darker skin and a muscular build, and is often seen in a woman's jumpsuit or in women's clothes off duty.


Although he is a man, Ushiyama seems to have more the personality of a woman. However, when he coaches the girls, he can be very strict and very harsh when one of the girls does something wrong.


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