The Zodiac Corporation is a corporation owned by Chieri Sono's father, in which Chieri is the heiress. This company specializes in military arsenal fabrication. The D.G.T.O and the DES are some of its clients. The company is located in Sagittariusstar

After the girls' trial, Chieri gains immense popularity. Chieri later discovers that her father's company has been sponsoring her and interfering with her sudden gain in popularity, which she becomes upsets  because she wants to gain her popularity honestly for her talent and skill.

The company's headquarters building resembles a blue cube with markings that makes the cube look like some sort of labyrinth.


  • At the end of episode 11 from Next Stage, the corporation's CEO, Chieri's Father, was assassinated.
  • It is revealed in Last episode from Next Stage that Chieri's father's grave is placed near the headquarters building.

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